How to make Metal in little alchemy 2

How to make Metal in little alchemy 2?

Are you looking to make Metal in Little Alchemy 2 but want to avoid endless searches? Well, you’re in luck! This article will guide you through the simple steps to create the perfect Metal and elevate your alchemy game. Let’s dive in and show you how to make Metal in Little Alchemy 2 without wasting time.

All methods of making Metal in little alchemy 2

Combination of elements Results
Fire + Stone Metal
Ore + Fire Metal
Heat + Ore Metal
Ore + Tool Metal
All methods of making Metal in little alchemy 2

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How to Make Metal In Little Alchemy 2 From Scratch?

To make Metal from Scratch. You need to combine some elements that are listed below.

Follow the below steps to make the Metal element.

And check the table, too, for a better understanding.

  • First, combine Earth and Fire elements to make Lava.
  • Next, combine Air and Lava elements to make Stone.
  • Then, combine Fire and Stone elements to make Metal.

Here is the table for your better understading.

Combination of elements Results
Earth + Fire Lava
Air + Lava Stone
Fire + Stone Metal
How Do You Make Metal In Little Alchemy 2 From Scratch?

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What New Elements Can We Create Using Metal In Little Alchemy 2?

No need to worry, my friend. The Game is far from over! You have a fantastic opportunity to make even more unique items using the power of Metal in Little Alchemy 2. It’s like unlocking a whole new world of possibilities! So go ahead and keep exploring, discovering, and creating beautiful things. The adventure awaits you!

Combination of elements Results
Metal + diamond Ring
Metal + love Ring
Metal + golem Robot
Metal + life Robot
Metal + atmosphere Rocket
Metal + air Rust
Metal + oxygen Rust
Metal + wind Rust
Metal + gold Safe
Metal + money Safe
Metal + star Shuriken
Metal + space Spaceship
Metal + light Spotlight
Metal + ash Steel
Metal + charcoal Steel
Metal + Coal Steel
Metal + mineral Steel
Metal + wool Steel Wool
Metal + blade Sword
Metal + car Tank
Metal + Human Tool
Metal + wood Tool
Metal + steam engine Train
Metal + motion Wheel
Metal + Electricity Wire
Metal + rope Wire
Metal + rope Chain
Metal + wire Chain
Metal + lightning Electricity
Metal + carbon dioxide Fire Extinguisher
Metal + cold Fridge
Metal + ice Fridge
Metal + glass Glasses
Metal + butter Gold
Metal + light Gold
Metal + rainbow Gold
Metal + sand Gold
Metal + Sun Gold
Metal + explosion Grenade
Metal + bow Gun
Metal + bullet Gun
Metal + tool Hammer
Metal + horse Horseshoe
Metal + light bulb Lamp
Metal + letter Mailbox
Metal + mailman Mailbox
Metal + glass Mirror
Metal + bicycle Motorcycle
Metal + Cheese Mousetrap
Metal + thread Needle
Metal + hay Pitchfork
Metal + earth Plow
Metal + field Plow
Metal + land Plow
Metal + bat Airplane
Metal + bird Airplane
Metal + crow Airplane
Metal + duck Airplane
Metal + eagle Airplane
Metal + hummingbird Airplane
Metal + owl Airplane
Metal + pigeon Airplane
Metal + seagull Airplane
Metal + vulture Airplane
Metal + fabric Armor
Metal + campfire BBQ
Metal + hammer Bell
Metal + sound Bell
Metal + rock Blade
Metal + Stone Blade
Metal + pressure Boiler
Metal + steam Boiler
Metal + river Bridge
Metal + stream Bridge
Metal + gunpowder Bullet
Metal + fox Cage
Metal + lion Cage
Metal + wolf Cage
Metal + wheel Car
Metal + pottery Cauldron
Metal + witch Cauldron


Making Metal In Little Alchemy 2 can be easily achieved by following our detailed guide on how to make Metal in Little Alchemy 2. You can create Metal from scratch in just a few steps by combining specific elements like Fire and Stone, Ore and Fire, Heat and Ore, and Ore and Tool. So, start crafting your Metal now and take your Little Alchemy 2 experience to the next level!

Thank you for reading our article on the Metal-making process in Little Alchemy. We hope the 

information provided was helpful and you can successfully combine the Fire and Stone, Ore and Fire, Heat and Ore, and Ore and Tool elements.

If you have questions about Little Alchemy 2 or crafting any element, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help and provide any additional guidance. Thanks again for reading!

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