How to make Sun in little alchemy

how to make Sun in Little Alchemy?

Do you need help making certain elements in Little Alchemy? Such as Sun. We know spending hours clicking and searching for solutions can be frustrating. So worry not.

We are here to teach you to make a Sun element in a few simple steps. After reading this article, you can make a successful Sun element with a little alchemy. So, let’s get started and show you how to make Sun in Little Alchemy.

How To Make Sun In Little Alchemy From Scratch / walkthrough?

To make Sun from scratch. You need to combine some elements that are listed below. 

Follow the below steps to make the Sun element,

And check the table, too, for a better understanding.

  • First, combine Fire and Water elements to make Steam 
  • Next, combine Air and Steam elements to make Cloud
  • Then, combine Air and Cloud elements to make Sky 
  • Finally, combine Fire and Sky elements to make Sun
Combination of elements Results
Fire + Water Steam
Air + Steam Cloud
Air + Cloud Sky
Fire + Sky Sun
How To Make Sun In Little Alchemy From Scratch

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What New Elements Can We Create Using Sun In Little Alchemy? 

No need to worry, my friend. The game is far from over! You have a fantastic opportunity to make even more unique items using the power of the Sun in Little Alchemy. It’s like unlocking a whole new world of possibilities! So go ahead and keep exploring, discovering, and creating beautiful things. The adventure awaits you!

Combination of elements Results
Sun + Plant Energy
Sun + Vampire Dust
Sun + Snowman Coal
Sun + Tree Fruit
Sun + Rain Rainbow
Sun + Solar cell Electricity
Sun + Flower Sunflower
Sun + Time Day
Sun + Night Day
Sun + Sky Day
Sun + Tool Solar cell
Sun + Moon Eclipse
Sun + Clock Sundial
Sun + Mud Brick
Sun + Clay Brick
Sun + Grass Hay
Sun + Sea Salt
Sun + Ocean Salt
Sun + Glasses Sunglasses
Sun + Star Space
Sun + Metal Gold
Sun + Plant Oxygen
Sun + Planet Solar system
Sun + Ice Puddle
Sun + Snowman Puddle
Sun + Meat Jerky
Sun + Snowman Carrot
Sun + Antarctica Aurora


Making a Sun in Little Alchemy can be easily achieved by following our detailed guide on how to make Sun in Little Alchemy. You can create Sun from scratch in just a few steps by combining specific elements like Fire and Sky. So, start crafting your Sun now and take your Little Alchemy experience to the next level!

Thank you for reading our article on the Sun-making process in little alchemy. We hope the information provided was helpful and you can successfully combine the Fire and Sun elements.

If you have questions about Little Alchemy or crafting any element, Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help and provide any additional guidance. Thanks again for reading!

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