How to make Wood in Little Alchemy

How to make wood in Little Alchemy

We know that playing Little Alchemy can be frustrating when you get stuck making certain elements, such as Wood. But worry not. You are in the right place.

In this article, we’ll guide you through making Wood in Little Alchemy, step by step. At the end of this article, you will have mastered the wood-making technique in little alchemy. You can continue your alchemical journey easily. So, let’s get started and show you how to make wood in little alchemy

How to Make Wood From Scratch in Little Alchemy

To make Wood from scratch. You must combine the specific elements listed below. Following these steps allows you to create Wood in just a few minutes.

And check the table and infografic too, for a better understanding.

  • First, combine Air and Fire elements to make Lava.
  • Then, combine Air and Lava  elements to make Stone
  • Then, make Mud with combined Water and Earth elements 
  • After that, make Swamp combine Air and Fire elements 
  • Next, make an Energy combination between Air and Fire elements 
  • Then, combine Swamp and Energy elements to make Life.
  • Next, make Humans with combined Earth and Life elements together.
  • After that, combine Earth and Fire elements to make Lava.
  • Then, make Stone combine Air and Lava elements.
  • Next, combine Air and Stone elements to make Sand.
  • Then, combine Fire and Sand elements to make Glass.
  • After that, make a time combination between Glass and Sand elements 
  • Then, combine Fire and Stone elements to make Metal.
  • Next, make the Tool combine Human and Metal elements.
  • Then, combine Plant and Time elements to make a Tree.
  • Finally, combine Tool and Tree elements to make Wood.

Here is the table for you to step by step guide.

Elements Combinition Results
Air + Water Rain
Earth + Rain Plant
Water + Earth Mud
Plant + Mud Swamp
Air + Fire Energy
Swamp + Energy Life
Earth + Life Human
Earth + Fire Lava
Air + Lava Stone
Air + Stone Sand
Fire + Sand Glass
Glass + Sand Time
Fire + Stone Metal
Human + Metal Tool
Plant + Time Tree
Tool + Tree Wood
How to Make Wood From Scratch in Little Alchemy

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We discussed it in more detail with an infographic on how to make wood in little alchemy. You can continue reading if you require 

How to make wood in little alchemy by combining Tool and Tree elements

The previous process was to create a Wood element from scratch. Now we will show you how to make Wood by combining Tool and Tree elements. We need to follow only 3 steps to be successful. Wood element

How to Make Tool in little alchemy step-by-step guide 

So, The first 14 steps above make the tool element successful. And Click the link to check my previous detailed post on making Tool in little alchemy.

How to Make Tool in little alchemy step-by-step guide 

After successfully making a tool, the next step is to work towards making a Tree. 

Your Guide to Making Tree in Little Alchemy

We have previously discussed making the Tree element in a separate post. You can follow the link to learn about those steps. Click the link for a Step by Step Guide on How to make a Tree in little alchemy.

Guide to Making Tree in Little Alchemy

There is only one more step left to make a successful wooden object. 

Imagine you are already in the game and follow the steps below to make Wood quickly! 

Step 1: Select a tool and drag it onto the playing board that you recently successfully made

Step 2: Choose a tree from the panel of elements and drag it onto the playing board.

Final Step: Once the Tool and Tree are combined,

How to Make Wood In Little Alchemy By Combining Tool And Tree Elements

 Congratulations! You have successfully made Wood.


In this article, we have learned the process of making Wood in Little Alchemy from scratch. We have also known the process of creating Wood by combining the elements of Tools and Trees. Although it may have presented challenges, anything is achievable with a focused mindset and clear direction.

Thank you for reading our article on how to make Wood in little alchemy. We hope that the information provided was helpful and that you could successfully make a wood combination between the Tools and Trees elements.

If you have questions about Little Alchemy or crafting any element, Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help and provide any additional guidance. Thanks again for reading!

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No, The only way to create a Wood combination is between Tool and Tree elements. 

You can make new items by combining Wood with other elements 

Here are some examples

  • Paper 
  • Boat
  • House
  • Wheel
  • Axe
  • Container
  • Furniture
  • Music
  • Pencil
  • Charcoal

No, you can’t make different types of Wood. The game only features a generic “wood” element. 

Yes, you can share your creation of Wood in Little Alchemy with others by taking a screenshot or sharing a link to your Little Alchemy game with the Wood element already made.

Little Alchemy has many other crafting recipes; experimenting with combinations is the best way to learn them.

Here are some tips for becoming a master crafter in Little Alchemy. 

  • Experimenting
  • Thinking 
  • Creatively, 
  • Using hints
  • Being patient.

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